what is zero waste?


The 5 R method described below helps to think about consumption and offers a way of reducing waste and minimizing our ecological footprint.


The purpose is to question our habits and to consume in a smart way.

  • Refuse (…what we do not need) Confidently refuse over-packaged products and single use plastics.

  • Reduce (…what we need and that cannot be refused) Reducing the amount of packaging we consume contributes to the well being of our planet

  • Re-use (…what we consume and that we cannot either refuse, or reduce) Reuse bags, jars, bottles

  • Recycle (…what we cannot either refuse, or reduce, or reuse)

  • Rot (…compost the rest) Rot your organic materials, composting is nature’s natural process of recycling.

Whatever can’t be refused, reduced, recycled or composted ends up in landfill!

This brief overview is sourced from the The Zero Waste Shop Totnes and zero waste pioneer Bea Johnson

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